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Hey there! Well, i'm a 16 years-old guy, and i'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I'm a spanish speaker, but i love english, so my entire blog will be in english.My blog is here to understand you whatever is your mood, cause im really like that. I know it sucks, but follow it anyway, you could enjoy it ;)
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Matt and I are officialy a couple! I’m sooo happy ♥

Well, next sunday it’s my boyfriend’s official introducing to my mum. I’m so nervous… Thanks god my friends are gonna be here too, or else, i’d die…

Hey guys, the date was awesome, i had a great time, Matt is so cute, it was a beautiful night


eating pizza inspires me to do great things in life for example eat more pizza

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Todnight is my first date with Matt!!! I´m so excited, and so nervous… Wish me luck guys



Greatest Selfie of all time.

dude this got like 25k in less than 20 mins wow